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Beauty Method Co. was created to change your beauty regimen. Specializing in semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, and keratin lash lifts, our certified artist strives to achieve results that look and feel like soft, natural-looking makeup so you have less to worry about in the morning. Imagine waking up every day with perfect eyebrows and eyelashes with minimal maintenance. Sound appealing?


What is semi-permanent makeup? Luckily, it's not what we've seen in the past... (We all have a relative or two with botched, oddly shaped and often too dark or blue/green faded eyebrows.) Through the years, semi-permanent makeup techniques and pigment formulas have evolved into what it has become today - an innovative procedure of micro pigmentation of areas such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lips that last 1-3 years. The results? Natural looking permanent makeup that will never change colors or damage the skin.



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Irene V. ignacio

Beauty has always been a passion of mine so this has been an incredibly exciting moment in my life... it's a first official step in pursuing my dream. Having worked in beauty marketing for years, it dawned on me that although I felt I was in the right industry, I wasn't applying my skills in the ways that I wanted to. 

Starting Beauty Method Co. has allowed me to combine my drive to offer the ultimate semi-permanent makeup services and my experience and knowledge from working in the beauty industry. For me, this is my little but perhaps significant contribution in changing lives. It may sound vain but there is no greater boost in one's self confidence than being able to say "I woke up like this".



During my years of working as a marketing manager, I had the great privilege of learning from seasoned beauty industry veterans. Through their teachings, I was able to learn the ins and outs of the perfect beauty experience - customer service, product development, marketing, client retention - you name it.

So, when it came time to earning my certifications as an artist, I made sure to learn from the best of the best. With that, I have earned 6 certifications, all from different master artists around the world, in semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions and keratin lash lifts.






Semi-permanent makeup is a big commitment so we want you to be well-informed and comfortable before you make your decision! Feel free to send over an email with all of your questions below or schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation through the appointments page.

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